i’m fucking talking to no one i’m just talking to myself i’m alone always and no one gives a shit why am i always there for everyone but no ones there when i need it i don’t fucking understand i want to die there’s no point in this anyway

i’m so anxious about everything i wanna date this girl but i dont want to because im so nervous and pda and aaaa

skipping PE like a cool kid B)

lmao great c ut myself again haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

jsut tag it just tag it oh ymgod just tag it it isnt that hard oh my god

i miss dating someone i miss telling someone that i love them and tagging them in things and making mixes for them i miss it so much

today my friend punched the arm i cut up today and it hurt more than the cutting itself did


ya know today was actually shit in reality i mean i tore my arm apart again but i just don’t care right now