today there was a rowdy ass fight in the hallway before lunch between brittany nash and samantha ?? when leticia, xavior m, and i walked into the hallway brittany punched samantha and she fell to the floor and brittany just started beating the shit out of her. afterwords leticia took brittany to the other building to get her cleaned up and then came to lunch. it’s was insane

i can’t express to anyone how much i hate supernatural and how little i want to hear about it tbh like ok i’m glad ur happy but you know the show fucking pisses me off so please don’t tell me anything pls n thank you

although it is incredibly unlikely there is a slim chance i wont go to school

mom and rick are arguing about stupid shit oh my god shoot me

4 / 14 / 14

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok 

1st period: ok teacher was absent - i didn’t do my work at all b/c i was too busy telling scary stories to my friends (art)

2nd period: math and i hate math. the teacher kept yelling and yelling and yelling and i’m like; “didn’t work the first 20,000 times it isn’t gonna work now” b/c she yells at us every day and it’s nonstop no one in the class is going to shut up anyway. i sit in the back and just keep to myself or whatever and its so annoying she gave me such a bad head ache i almost cried 

3rd period: we’re learning about the great depression in social studies now which is so great b/c it means we have to take a lot of notes and i love taking notes so much i really do. so we learned about the great depression and leticia told me that our friend brittany was crying !! ?? and thats not ok apparently she was crying b/c she got really really really frustrated w a teacher and she walked out. 

Lunch: no no nonononononononononono no no no i found out that we’re playing dodgeball in gym and am immediately worried and scared. dhannah tries to get me to audition to for the talent show but god i dont want to do that no no no

4th period: i thought my ELA teacher was going to cry i feel so bad for her um nothing really happened except i cried a lot b/c i was scared

passing period between 4th / 5th: i walked around, scared and crying and dhannah saw me crying and was trying to walk me to PE but i couldnt do it so i hid in the rest room and dhannah went to go get ms.latiolais (ela teacher) and talked to me and i was ok kinda and then

5th period: i went to PE, broke down crying, and went to hide in the locker room for five minutes and then went and waited in the counselors office for a while and talked to her for a while and was late to 6th

6th period: AVID ???? NOTHING ???? tutorials and i didnt do my tutorial even though i did my TRF and i don’t think i’m going to do my tutorial on wednesday either  

7th period: science whatever whatever whatever whATEVER 

the situation this week:

  • staying at moms all week
  • no school on friday
  • friday = going to zapata (tiny town that is one town away from mexico) to see family for easter
  • friday - sunday = family ???? new people ???? not austin