we’re talking abt dealers wow

i’m probably going to spend the entire first week of school on xanax lmao god

all of my ocs have substance abuse problems all of the substances they abuse are things that i can either picture myself abusing or are things i am already abusing for instance fae abuses xanax lmao look @ me
i write abt things like self harm nd substance abuse so i dont do them myself bc i know its really bad

2 songs for the quiet hours

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i’m trying so hard to be a nice and lively person it’s so weird


mom’s ex employer is going around assassinating her character and ruining her life i’ve missed some of the conversation because i was busy lying on the carport in the front yard my arms are burning because the concrete was hot and now i have a head ache because mom and dad and rick are now all talking at the same time about insurance policies and some girl named mona

lmao wrong blog

things i dont want to do:
write this fic

i’m just gonna be a guitarist i want to write songs and shit but i don’t know i do really wanna be a guitarist it’s ok though idk i’m hoping that when i get into hs i can meet someone who can sing well or w/e bc i really cant so i dont know but i know i’ll be constantly jealous i guess thats just how it will have to be

for reference so she won’t flake on me