what the fuck

I Hate the two periods you put after im sorry i fUcking hate them

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blue highlights.

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weed + xanax + foxygen = pretty good

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im so nervous oh god im gonna throw up

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if archy or mh ever did smth bad i think id die

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i think im afraid of people
and that social websites
are not the plaxe for me
as i am afraid of people
and im a nervous wrek
im gonna
to kk

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iwantthe glow inthe dark vinyl but No i ahouldnt support the… becase when
people do bad things you shouldnt support them but i love the horrors and so i dot know what the fuck to do anymore should i NOT Go tothe concert shiuld i ???!?,!???? detra wants tl go i could gice him my ticket you arent supposw to support these people but i loce the the horrors its so fckinf early i really xant type rught im going to fast to do that what dk i do witn the records that so mUCH MONEY i want my mom

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i love faris but i shouldnt love faris i hate this so much i hate people i hate people and i hate things in general i want to go home and lie in my bed and worry about things and cry to myself why cant people just be ok why
the mysgony thing isnt the right word either theres no way he could have meantthat and know w/ that word means thats a pet peeve more than anything but I SHOULDNT Defend him because defdensing him is bad and he said this bad thing so is he a bad person people are gonna yell at me if i defend him ?????¿!¿!
but i love faris im sorry i dont jnow how to stop it i cant forget this shit i cant and now its stuck because im an idiot and i asked and nowni know but i shouldnt because that shit im going ti delete myfuckng blog i swear fcuckduckfuckfuckfkfuck

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you cant get tattoos
you cant say words
you cant dress a certain way
you cant do this
you cant do that
you can be
im so scared

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i think social justice shit has ruined my life

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